infographic Top 10 EHS Software Problems

TITLE: Top 10 EHS Software Problems Companies Have
1) Invested in an EHS enterprise system and are only using part of the functionality
2) Need a master Action Item Interface
They have action Items coming in from multiple systems
Which action item is important?
3) How to deal with multiple sub systems (MOC, Investigation, observation, BBS, JSA)
With multiple systems, each has different steps
4) How to analyze the data / data overload
Too much data coming in from too many system
5) Still have manual processes
Many companies are still tracking EHS data in Excel and Email alongside an EHS system
6) Cannot explain trends
With data in multiple systems or spreadsheet, you cannot analyze trends
7) How do the notifications work / what are the notification procedures
People who left, moved or promoted are still getting notifications based on their old job
8) No reminders for compliance
Too busy tracking down action items
9) Not connected with you Master Data
You have vendors and employees in multiple spots
10) Determining what to measure
Figuring out What KPIs really matter