Important Things to Put On your IT Resume

TITLE: Important Things to Put on Your IT Resume

Don’t worry so much on the length. Focus on the quality of the first two pages. This should summarize the last 3-5 years.

Employers are looking for the right skills. Have a skills section the groups your experience (Languages, Databases, Routers, etc..)

If you have relevant certifications, mention them early. Leave the certifications you got in the 90s on the last page.

Keep it Concise & Simple
Easy on the formatting. If you wish to show your design skills, give them a link.

Mention accomplishement, but don’t go crazy.

Do not make it too technical
Often tech professionals will make their resume look too technical in an attempt to impress the readers. However, it is advisable to keep a balance and incorporate only the technical details that are necessary. This is because your resume will be reviewed by many people and the HR might not be very well versed in technical jargon.

Be Honest
Don’t Lie. You’ll get busted.
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