Better IT Tech Hiring SystemThe recruitment strategy or the hiring system that you have for roping in talent in the IT field is of great importance in your organization. With hiring becoming tough all over the world of IT, it is important that you not only properly train your HR personnel, but also make sure that your hiring department is equipped with the latest and most innovative means of reaching out to candidates.

The information required to getting the right IT talent may not come naturally to any IT organization, but considering the tough competition, it is really important that you follow the latest methods and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you get the best IT talent out there. Here we look at some things that are needed for creating a better hiring system in an IT environment.

Acknowledge the Tech Talent Shortage

Most organizations working in the IT industry foster the belief that there is a lot of tech talent available out there. This belief is one of the major reasons why they are not able to comprehend the fact that a talented IT individual will not come every day to them. An organizational point of view that there is a talent surplus out there can give more harm than good. Many organizations out there have realized the shortage when it comes to good talented tech individuals, which is why they have altered their hiring strategies. If you aren’t able to change your methods to come to terms with this fact, then you could probably lose out on a lot of hiring opportunities.

Job Posting Methods

Posting your job on a job board was fine back in the day, and is pretty much essential in this day and age as well, but the need of the hour is for your recruitment strategies to become innovative and to comply with the changing requirements of time. If you have a recruitment opportunity available in your organization then you should try newer forms of communications over the same old job board.

The newer form of hiring that we are talking about encompasses the digital sphere and social media. On social media, you have LinkedIn and other platforms such as Facebook’s upcoming professional interaction space (a rival to LinkedIn), where you can get in touch with aspiring individuals. If you are still stuck on the job board then you may pretty much have no other option, but to resign to the fact that your competition may get all the good talent out there by reaching out to them on social media.

Look for Performance

Rather than focusing on the skills that some people bring to the picture, try to focus on their performance. You could be focusing on the skills and limiting down your options by doing so. Many organizations ask for specific skills in their recruitment process and end up missing out on some very talented individuals just because they couldn’t meet 2 out of the 10 skill acronyms that were highlighted by the employer.

If an individual has a resume full of performances that astounded people around them, then you should go ahead with hiring them, because real life performances from the past are always better than what you see of an individual in the interview. Someone who has had astonishing problem solving skills may be a perfect match for you. So, rather than limiting yourself by looking at the skills employees offer, try looking at individuals based on what they bring to your organization in the long run through their past experiences and successes.

Check for Work Prowess in the Interview Process

Rather than hosting a run-of-the-mill interview that barely focuses on the major tasks at hand, try incorporating work-related questions in the process. By asking work-related questions to aspiring candidates, you can get to know the kind of knowledge they have on the latest happenings in the IT industry. Not only does a candidate answering work-related questions in an interview have a strong hold over the subject, but they also boast of good problem solving skills to be able to do this. You can even put a tricky question in front of the candidate to gauge their level of thinking and problem solving skills. This is the perfect way to assess an aspiring candidate during an interview, and to make sure that they match your work search. Instead of asking routine questions, get to the tricky questions and see how they approach the problem.

Show Speed

Gone are the days when you could put talent on hold for months and then get back to them to find out that they were still available. Good tech talent may not remain in the market for long, and if you’re not showing speed in your hiring process, someone else will and will get hold of the employee.

Set a goal for yourself here and make sure that you don’t cross the 15 day mark with any employee. Your complete hiring process may not span over 15 days, which should be the extreme limit. Try giving a definite answer to an employee within the time frame, and don’t leave them hanging. If you see someone exceptional, don’t even waste a split second with them, and get them under your patronage as soon as possible, before your competition does so.

It is important that you change your recruitment strategy and create a better hiring system if you work in the IT industry. The norms in hiring are changing for the better, and it would be best for you to change your hiring strategies as well.

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