Hire IT & Tech FastWith technology being the heart of all business processes, companies need to pay close attention to their hiring decisions regarding the technology and IT professionals. Some employers take a long time with the hiring process. However, even though the employers do this to ensure that the right professional is added to the role, it may prove to be damaging to the overall success of the business. In this article, we will discuss why it is essential for employers to speed up the hiring process. We also discuss steps employers can do to speed up the hiring process without sacrificing the quality of people.

The Importance of Hiring Faster

The efficiency of IT hiring process has become a core factor in determining the success of a business. This is because the IT professionals are essential for making sure that the business remains technologically advances as compared to its competitors. According to New York Times, there are only 10,000 real AI professionals in the market. It is because of the competitive nature of technology and the scarcity of talent that businesses need to decide faster when hiring to avoid the chances of losing the tech talent to competitors.

Because of the high demand for tech talent, the candidates should not be expected to wait for a longer period for the employer’s decision. If you keep telling the candidates that there are a lot of individuals being considered, you should stop since we are currently in the middle of a tech crisis. And it is not expected to be resolved anytime soon. Hence, it is important for businesses to understand that if they do not hire the right tech people at the right time, they are putting themselves at risk and should be prepared to lose the right professionals.

How to Make the Hiring Process Faster

Making the hiring process short saves up a lot of time and money for the employers. However, it should be kept in mind that hiring the wrong individual can result in greater costs which is why employers need to make the hiring process faster without affecting its efficiency and quality. Here are some ways you can achieve this goal.

1.      Modify the Process

The usual process of hiring involves posting an advertisement for the job, designing a job description, and then carrying out interviews to find out whether the candidate is a right fit for the job. However, in case of an IT professional, it is imperative that you realize the significance of carrying out technical assessments to determine which candidates are equipped with the required skill set.

An IT professional needs to have specific skills that are not only determined with the help of a traditional style interview. Hence, first rethink the entire hiring process and modify it to meet the requirements of hiring an IT professional.Furthermore, planning the complete process will help you get the job done faster.

2.      Seek Help

Instead of going through the resumes on your own, it is recommended to take help from a recruiting company that will help you shorten the duration of the process considerably. Even though paying an outside consultant might result in higher costs the reduced time taken, and the quality screening process will benefit the company in the long run.

3.      Prepare the Right Job Description

Writing the correct job description is extremely important if you wish to attract the right candidates. A precise job description will save time for both, the employer and the candidates. It will also help the human resource professional identify only the right candidates.

4.      Shortlist Wisely

If you wish to make the hiring process shorter, it is imperative that the screening process executed is of high quality. Many companies shortlist many candidates which results in increased difficulty when finding the right fit amongst them.

5.      Set a Duration

From resume review to the hiring, it is helpful if you identify and eliminate the unnecessary steps that take up more time during the whole process. Ideally, the complete process should take about 10-15 days. Some steps such as contacting references can be done earlier to save up more time.

6.      Make Quick Decisions

Making timely decisions is essential to shorten the duration of the entire process. Especially in the IT industry, it is essential that you do not let go of talent once you find it. The scarcity of tech professionals will not work in your favor if you take a lot of time making decisions.Hence, it is important to leap as soon as you identify the right person.


While it is important to speed up the hiring process to avoid the possibility of losing tech talent, it is also equally important to ensure the overall quality and efficiency of the process. If you end up hiring the wrong IT professional, the opportunity, as well as the financial costs associated with the decision, will cause your efforts to become counterproductive.

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