5 Things Needed to Create a Better IT Hiring System

The recruitment strategy or the hiring system that you have for roping in talent in the IT field is of great importance in your organization. With hiring becoming tough all over the world of IT, it is important that you not only properly train your HR personnel, but also make sure that your hiring department is equipped with the latest and most innovative means of reaching out to candidates. The information required to getting the right IT talent may not come naturally to any IT organization, but considering the tough competition, it is really important that you follow the [...]

6 Tips to Do a Better IT Phone Screen

A very common interview technique for information technology hiring is the phone screen. It makes perfect sense to do phone screens early in the interview and recruiting process. It is better to exclude candidates early if they are not going to be right for your company or department. Phones screens can be tricky. You don't want to waste time on people you are not going to hire, but you don't want to  mistakenly pass on a great candidate because of a dropped call. Hear are our top tips on how to do better phone screens for information technology jobs. 1.      [...]