When Should I Hire A Freelance IT Worker Over A Permanent Employee?

Technology has fundamentally shifted the way most businesses operate in the 21st century. It has brought about unparalleled and unprecedented opportunities that were not fathomable even 10 years ago. One important decision that many tech businesses are making is to hire IT freelancers over traditional employees. Research from The Plato Group reveals that 33% of Americans, about 42 million, are freelancing, and experts’ forecasts predict that freelancers will make up nearly 50% of the full-time workforce by the end of 2020. Hiring IT freelancers has become a norm because it offers some distinct and unique benefits. These are 4 situations [...]

How IT Freelancers Pay Less Taxes

We work hard to earn money and then spend it to improve our way of life. Giving a large portion of that money to someone else, even the government, is unacceptable to many people. Of course we have to pay taxes for the development of infrastructure for ‘us’ only. But that doesn’t mean we can’t save up where possible, legally of course. IT freelancers and contractors are typically paid directly without taxes or other withholdings.  This means the IT freelancer has different tax considerations compared to a full-time employee. Here are a few ways how technology freelancers can save [...]

Do IT Freelance Workers Make More Than Permanent Employees?

Choosing between a permanent job and a contract can be confusing. There was a time when people preferred permanent jobs only due to job security and a number of job incentives, including promotions and increments. However, times have changed, especially due to the technological advancements and people have started switching to freelancing. Who Makes More? While choosing between the two, the most important question is “who makes more?” Well, before we answer this question, we would like to clear the concept of “more” in the question. There are several factors that matter when evaluating a job besides money, including [...]

Cost of a Freelance IT Worker vs. Fulltime Employee

What is the real cost of a full-time employee compared to a freelance contractor for IT work? There is more to consider besides the employee's salary vs the rate of the contractor. We have heard the question for years. The answers have changed over time. Finding and hiring the right full-time employee is crucial to a company. Company culture is important. It adds value. If you are truly trying to build something that lasts, you must have a core team of full-time employees. Even so, hiring freelancers is an important and essential tool for the growth and long-term health of [...]