Your Next IT Job – Contract or Full-Time? – INFOGRAPHIC

Title: Contract or Full-Time? Subtitle: What Should Your Next IT Job Be? Pros of Contract: Flexibility You Get Paid for Every Hour No Politics Tax Benefits Cons of Contract: Less Security No Benefits Pay for you Insurance Pay Your Own Taxes No Upward Growth Pros of Full Time: Benefits Paid Time Off Career Path Someone Investing in You Cons of Full Time: Less Cash Is it Stable? Part of a Team Simpler Taxes

Work on a Contract Basis — or Go Fulltime? Which is Right for You?

The gig economy is here to stay, and freelance work is surging in popularity, but is this increasingly common method of work right for you? There are around 55 million Americans doing contract work, according to a survey commissioned by the Freelancers Union in 2016. That's around 35 percent of the total workforce. This number is expected to reach 50 percent by the year 2020. IT and technology workers have a higher percentage of people working on a contract or freelance basis. Learning more about the differences between a contracted or freelance worker and a full-time employee can help [...]

When Should I Hire A Freelance IT Worker Over A Permanent Employee?

Technology has fundamentally shifted the way most businesses operate in the 21st century. It has brought about unparalleled and unprecedented opportunities that were not fathomable even 10 years ago. One important decision that many tech businesses are making is to hire IT freelancers over traditional employees. Research from The Plato Group reveals that 33% of Americans, about 42 million, are freelancing, and experts’ forecasts predict that freelancers will make up nearly 50% of the full-time workforce by the end of 2020. Hiring IT freelancers has become a norm because it offers some distinct and unique benefits. These are 4 situations [...]