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Ask These 7 Questions in an Interview to Make the Company Want to Hire You Sub: 7 questions to improve your chances of getting an offer Why did you take the Job Here? What do the Most Successful People Here Do? What is the Background of Star Performers? Do You Have Any Hesitations about Me? What are the Must-Have Attributes? What are the Current Opportunities the Company Has? What are the Next Steps? Your Hired! Read More: Ace that IT Interview Part 1 >> Read More: Ace that IT Interview Part 2 >> Read More: IT Recruiting Tip: How [...]

How to Improve the Odds of Getting an IT Job Offer?

So, you have given the interview, and you believe you have done a great job. But do you think you could raise your chances of getting that job offer even higher by doing something as simple as writing a thank you note? Also called the thank you letter, it is an incredibly genius way of reminding your employers about you and increasing the odds of getting hired. If you have just given an interview, it is time you start writing a thank you note. Here are the tips to help you write a convincing one. Top Tips to Write the [...]