How to Break Into an AI Job

Artificial Intelligence is still pretty much in its nascent stage, but one thing that we’ve all noticed through its limited period of implementation is that the technology is here to stay. Not only is AI making lives easier for all of us living in this world, but it is also creating a doorway towards the future, as we had envisioned it to be. While AI promises to deliver a lot of goods in the future, there is still the presence of the human element involved. The human element is required for the means of maintaining big data numbers, solving [...]

How to answer Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Title: How to Answer “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?” Do Not Bad Mouth If you do, you sound like you keep a grudge If you say something bad about them, we could be next Tell the Truth It may hurt Add positives such as what you contributed or how you learned and grew Practice Your Answer

Important Things to Put on Your IT Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: Important Things to Put on Your IT Resume Length Don't worry so much on the length. Focus on the quality of the first two pages. This should summarize the last 3-5 years. Skills Employers are looking for the right skills. Have a skills section the groups your experience (Languages, Databases, Routers, etc..) Certifications If you have relevant certifications, mention them early. Leave the certifications you got in the 90s on the last page. Keep it Concise & Simple Easy on the formatting. If you wish to show your design skills, give them a link. Accomplishments Mention accomplishement, but [...]

The Hard Truth about Working in an IT Infrastructure

Oh, you’ve finally landed the perfect job in an IT infrastructure. You feel that life has finally come on track and you can breathe a sigh of relief. While there is much to rejoice over, you need to also comprehend that an Information Technology infrastructure comes with a lot of downsides and responsibilities, and people who work in this field tend to experience these downsides in their truest form. There are some hard truths you learn when you work in IT infrastructure. While the IT infrastructure is surpassing unprecedented heights, here, we take a look at some of the [...]

Develop Soft Skills to Further Your Tech Career

According to an article published by Harvard Extension School, struggling to advance in an IT career might not end only by gaining technical expertise. A Harris poll conducted on hiring managers revealed that soft skills are valued by a good 77 percent employers. On the other hand, over 25 million online job listings were analyzed by Burning Glass Technologies and the results revealed that one in four skills most sought by employers are soft skills. When you get you graduate from your grad school and consider yourself to be well qualified to tap into the job market, the many [...]