5 IT Recruiting Secrets [INFOGRAPHIC]

 TITLE: 5 IT Recruiting Secrets Have the Job Description Tell a Story - Do not just list skills - Tell a story - How will they be better by working here Nurture Your Connections - Nurture LinkedIn Connections - Get referrals from existing people - Look at previous employers from good current employees Give Candidate a Good Experience - Be on time with them - Have everyone on your team join in Be Different - Have them spend an hour working with a current employee - Have them sit in on a team meeting Always Look for Better Ways [...]

5 IT Recruiting Secrets

How fast your company grows and how well it performs depends on a lot of your hiring practices. When you have the right people filling the right positions, there is no way for your business not to grow. To help you hire the most appropriate and qualified candidates to work with your company, here are the five valuable IT recruitment secrets.Have the Job Description Tell a StoryRather than making your job description a clump of responsibilities and requirements, turn it into a story. Let the candidate have a feel of being at your workplace right from the job description. Do [...]