IT Recruiting secretsHow fast your company grows and how well it performs depends on a lot of your hiring practices. When you have the right people filling the right positions, there is no way for your business not to grow. To help you hire the most appropriate and qualified candidates to work with your company, here are the five valuable IT recruitment secrets.

  1. Have the Job Description Tell a Story

Rather than making your job description a clump of responsibilities and requirements, turn it into a story. Let the candidate have a feel of being at your workplace right from the job description. Do not focus 100% on what you expect from the candidate. Let them know what value they will obtain if they work with you.

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  1. Nurture Your Connections

Being a part of the digital age, you have to use the most modern and relevant platforms to advertise the job openings. Rather than using the conventional newspaper ads, it is best to use your online connections. Use your email list and LinkedIn contacts to get in touch with the interested candidates. If you have been working for years or decades, it won’t be a bad idea to contact your past co-workers who you think will be a good fit for the open position.

  1. Give Candidate a Good Experience

This process involves a lot of things from talking to them politely over the phone to paying for their traveling expenses if they are coming from a

IT Recruiting Secrets

distance. You should also make sure to conduct and wrap up your interviews as fast as possible. Do not make your candidates wait for too long. Ask them if they need help filling out the job application. Make your job descriptions seem light and friendly rather than frightening.

  1. Be Different

Just like you expect your candidates to be unique so you can recognize them even out of hundreds of interviews you have completed, the candidates expect the same from you. Offer them something unique. For example, let them choose an employee and spend an hour with him/her to know about work, workplace, company, environment, boss, etc., which is something your candidates will always remember about you. Or maybe interview them in an outdoor setting, a lawn to make things conversational.

  1. Always Look for Better Ways to Find People

When it comes to hiring great people, think out of the box. Do not rely on the conventional and traditional methods. Maybe run a contest on your social networking page to choose your candidate for your customers/followers. Think differently, think better. Consider inviting all the shortlisted candidate for high tea, question them there and observe the ones you think are different, natural and a perfect fit for the job.

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