2020 IT Salary Survey Released

Decide Consulting has just released it’s 2020 IT Salary survey. We publish data on over 200 IT, software and technical positions such as: Cloud Architects Full Stack Developers DevOps Engineer Chief Information Security Officer Network Engineers Data Scientists Information Systems Security Manager Front-End Web Developer We combined our own CIO / CTO survey results with job board data and cross reference all that with data from the Department of Labor / US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Added together, this is a comprehensive collection of IT, software consulting and technology salary data. How to Use this Guide For IT Workers, [...]

Why It Is Getting Harder to Find IT Talent

IT is getting harder to find quality IT and technology people. The tech industry is booming worldwide and there is more potential for it to grow even further. With this technology expansion, the demand for information technology people and talent is becoming greater. The inflow of skilled technology workers is currently less than the demand. Many people are referring to this as the tech skills gap.   Because of these changes and rising trends in globalization, generational shifts, and changing consumer habits, both small and giant companies are realizing the need to get the best tech pros onboard to [...]