10 Common Interview Questions You Need to Know

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. The anxiety before the interview escalates even more when you start worrying about what questions the interviewer is going to ask. There isn’t any standardized list of questions that the interviewer goes through during an interview. A lot of what gets asked depends on the kind and the level of job you are applying for. The mindset of the interviewer, the job description and your resume details play a huge role in determining what kind of questions you will be asked in the interview. You cannot determine the first one, i.e. the mindset of [...]

10 Things to do to Prepare for an IT Interview

As businesses continue to invest in IT, the demand for IT experts has increased over the years. This is why IT recruiting has become a bit more complex than how it used to be only a few years ago. Companies expect the candidates to be well versed with not only the basics of IT but also with a wide variety of complexities. If you want to get a decent IT-related job and have an interview, you must make sure you do not make any stupid mistakes. Moreover, you must try to give your best as the competition has become tougher [...]