How to Keep Your IT and Tech Talent – Starting on Day One

The information technology industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it is really competitive. You need the right man for the right job in this department and hiring the best of the best is not the easiest or cheapest ordeal for a company. Another important factor is talent retention, which may be more valuable for the firm than it is initially thought to be. If you find quality technical people, you need to make an effort to keep them. That effort should start on their first day. When you talk about web developers, tech [...]

How to Retain your Top IT Talent

Although finding top-quality IT employees can be difficult feat on its own, retaining these tech nerds once they are in the fold may prove to be even more difficult. The unemployment rate in the IT industry is astonishingly low, especially in specialty disciplines like data and cloud computing, mobile app development, and digital and web designing. Losing team members can be challenging, but losing top-notch IT talent can cause some major setbacks. If you have good people in your IT department, you want to hold onto them. Other companies are proactively looking for them. It makes a lot of [...]