How to Break Into an AI Job

Artificial Intelligence is still pretty much in its nascent stage, but one thing that we’ve all noticed through its limited period of implementation is that the technology is here to stay. Not only is AI making lives easier for all of us living in this world, but it is also creating a doorway towards the future, as we had envisioned it to be. While AI promises to deliver a lot of goods in the future, there is still the presence of the human element involved. The human element is required for the means of maintaining big data numbers, solving [...]

10 Things to do to Prepare for an IT job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

Title: 10 Things to do to Prepare for an IT job Interview 1. Do Your Research – find out about the company 2. Arrive On Time 3. Do Some Homework – who are you interviewing with? Find them on LinkedIn. 4. Behave Professionally 5. Be Honest 6. Show Respect to the Interviewers 7. Talk About Different Issues and Topics – Show you are more than bits and bytes. 8. Choose a Proper Attire 9. Focus More on Your Friendly Side 10. Bring Extra Resumes and Other Necessary Documents

Develop Soft Skills to Further Your Tech Career

According to an article published by Harvard Extension School, struggling to advance in an IT career might not end only by gaining technical expertise. A Harris poll conducted on hiring managers revealed that soft skills are valued by a good 77 percent employers. On the other hand, over 25 million online job listings were analyzed by Burning Glass Technologies and the results revealed that one in four skills most sought by employers are soft skills. When you get you graduate from your grad school and consider yourself to be well qualified to tap into the job market, the many [...]

4 Ideas To Help Your IT Career – [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: 4 Ideas To Help Your IT Career Build a network Find a meetup or user group with people of like skills. Reach out to recruiters in LinkedIn. Pick a New Skill and Fully Learn It Ask for training from your employer. Find a youtube tech channel and watch it once a week during lunch. Be Agile and Prepared to Take Challenges Let your boss know you want to try new work, take on a challenge or join a new team. Read Technical Books Commit to reading a certain number of books every quarter or year. If not reading [...]

6 Best Reasons for New Grads to Get a Career in IT [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: 6 Best Reasons for New Grads to Get a Career in IT Key Takeaways: Tech Jobs Are Not Going Anywhere IT Jobs may double over the next 10 years You Will Be Constantly Learning and Exploring New Areas of the Field Technology is always disruptive, changing and adding new fields You Will be Paid Well Demand will outpace supply of skilled workers You Will Be Rewarded and Challenged Constantly There is no shortage of problems for tech to solve Every Industry Needs Tech Skills Oil & Gas, Finance, Manufacturing and everything else Explore Your Innovative Side Learn, grow [...]