7 Questions You Should Ask IT Staffing Companies [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 Questions You Should Ask IT Staffing Companies How long have you been in business? - You do not want them making mistakes with you What local companies have you worked for? - Get references Have you searched for this type of role before? - Do they understand what you need? What are your fees? - Get this upfront - Will they offer different terms? Is there anything wrong with our job description? - Very few Job Descriptions are perfect as is. Good IT Recruiters always have something to change Where are your recruiters located? - It is hard [...]

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10 Things Tech Candidates Hate about IT Recruiters

Ask any talented IT pro about recruiters, and you’ll likely hear the same stories and complaints:“He tried to hard sell me to take a job in Florida – 800 miles away after I indicated I was only looking for local work.”“She made the job sound like a dream – but it ended up being a nightmare instead”.“I went to an interview and never heard from him again”. “LOL, I am not taking a 10K pay cut so you can earn a commission”.What makes the process so challenging, and why do so many skilled technical professionals avoid recruiters like the latest [...]

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Why It Is Getting Harder to Find IT Talent

The tech industry is booming worldwide and there is more potential for it to grow even further. With the expansion of this field and technology being used for almost everything in our life, companies are making every effort to change and spin the traditional methods and rather opt for smodern technology and digitization approach.   Because of these changes and rising trends in globalization, generational shifts, and changing consumer habits, both small and giant companies are realizing the need to get the best tech pros onboard to make the best out of this opportunity.   But the biggest challenge [...]

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