What to look for in an EHS Management system

The business justification of a modern EHS software system should be a straightforward, low-risk management decision. Most companies today are still using spreadsheets to manage their EHS program. As regulatory agencies become more sophisticated in tracking, reporting, and compliance enforcement, spreadsheets are simply not viable and create risk of non-compliance events and lost productivity. Compliance experts estimate that 80 percent of enterprises use spreadsheets to support critical business functions.  Spreadsheets are powerful and effective in small groups, but quickly break down when collaboration is needed across the organization. Visibility: Dynamic dashboards with data drill-down capability offer flexible data visualization [...]

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Ask These 7 Questions in an Interview to Make the Company Want to Hire You

Interviews are not really a walk in the park. Not only do you have to be equipped with sufficient information regarding what the company does and what your role requires you to do, but you also have to revise the basic knowledge regarding your line of work. Considering that an interview is one of the most important stages of a hiring process, most employers have a stringent eye on how you perform here. Do a good job here and you would be considered good to join the company. Although most talented individuals giving an interview are prepared to answer [...]

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5 Problems That IoT has to Solve (and will)

We have been talking about the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the world for a long time, but amidst all the hype and the excitement, many of us failed to recognize the implications that will come along with this unprecedented technology. IoT has indeed created a wave of excitement all across the globe, because of all that it promises in the future, however, we cannot factor out the presence of the implications that may pose a threat to the widespread use of IoT. Here we mention 5 of the implications that come across as hindrances to [...]

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