Decide Consulting has just released it’s downloadable 2018 IT Salary survey. We received feedback requesting we publish the salary data online without requiring a sign-in or download. So we have created an online IT Salary Analysis Tool. It contains over 130 Job titles such as:

  • Cloud Computing Analyst
  • Project Manager / SCRUM Master
  • NOSQL Developer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Information Systems Security Manager
  • Telecomm Engineer
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Full Stack Developer

We combined our survey results with job board data and cross reference all that with data from the Department of Labor / US Bureau of Labor Statistics. .For each position, we display the top 15%, bottom 15% and the middle ground of salaries.

How to Use this Tool

For IT Workers, you must understand where your technological skills currently are and where your future interests may be.  Then ask yourself “Does my current company value these skills? Do they offer training for where I want to go? Does this company offer an environment to get there?” This guide may help you answer these questions.

For IT employers, you must understand the value of the technology. How important is this technology to the company revenue? Can better use of the technology increase revenues? There are many companies that answer “yes” to both. They use guides like this one to make sure they attract and keep the top talent.

Besides salary data, the guide also discusses in-demand IT skills for 2018, tips for retaining and attracting the top tech talent and forecasts on IT and technical job growth.

Decide Consulting is a software and IT Staffing firm based in Houston, TX. Founded by veteran software consultants, Decide has developed proprietary methods for finding problem-solving IT personnel. Our Software products focus on the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and Healthcare markets.