SDLC Comparision: Agile vs DevOps

Agile and DevOps are often conflated and confused with each other. It’s often misunderstood where one stops and the other begins. While there are a lot of differences between the two, the short answer is that Agile is a Software Development Life Cycle that provides a methodology for delivering tech products and DevOps is a method to deliver those same technology products to those who need it. Agile When the Agile Manifesto was first written in 2001, it was a response to the waterfall-based methodologies. Waterfall approaches were heavy front-end specifications and hoping you covered everything. Inevitably, you didn’t. [...]

Is Your Company Truly Agile? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is Your Company Truly Agile? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Are you breaking up ALL development into smaller increments? If there are legacy groups that are waterfalling a project that is due in 6 months - you are not truly Agile. How Are Your Teams Configured? You need development, a product owner and QA on every team. Is There True Transparency? Do the story points reflect the velocity? Are sprints beginning to accurately show the real velocity? They will not at first, but should over time. Are You Adopting DevOps In The Distribution and Release of Software? Agile and [...]

Is Your Company Truly Agile? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

It’s true that in recent years more and more organizations have been moving towards an Agile model of development as opposed to the old-school “waterfall” approach. It’s a methodology that allows for more transparency, open communication, and ultimately can save you time and money throughout your development process. But Agile has also become somewhat of a blanket statement that doesn’t always accurately depict a company’s philosophy. To maximize efficiency and ensure you’re hiring people whose Agile experience is a good match for the company’s own, it’s important to assess how Agile your company actually is. After all, being Agile [...]

Apply Agile Methodology to Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Projects

Navigating the rough waters of keeping a EHS job site safe is a complicated and difficult undertaking. Managing the communication across departments, risks, audits and action items can make staying organized difficult and slow down EHS initiatives.  And when an accident happens, the reactive nature of fixing the cause of the accident throws off all the proactive efforts that are done to prevent accidents in the first place. Interestingly, Agile methodology. long favored by the software development community, lends itself well to the EHS process. You don’t have to go into a safety project hoping and praying that accidents won’t [...]