5 Things to Expect About the IoT [INFOGRPAHIC]

TITLE: 5 Things to Expect About the IoT Key Point: A Massive Explosion of Connected Devices - 2017 we had 17B IoT devices - in 2025 expect 70B IoT devices Smart Cities and Public Infrastructure - Sensors, cameras, phones, Kiosk will all be used together Increasing Demand for AI - with 70B IoT devices, AI is needed to work with the data Threat of Hackers - 70B IoT devices = 70B entranes for hackers Increased Home Use - Home Assistants will increase in number and ability https://decideconsulting.com/5-things-expect-about-iot/

5 Jobs Safe From Automation – [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: 5 Jobs safe from automation KEY TAKEAWAYS: Sales – Sales is still based on relationships and always will be. Inbound marketing may bring it to the door. Salespeople are still needed to close. Human Resources – Automation is not going to make interpersonal conflicts go away. Writers – Demand for content for web pages, chatbots and all the UI will only increase Healthcare – We still need human interaction to take care of people Teachers – We have billions invested in schools and universities and will continue to do so. Traditional education will be supplemented even more by [...]

5 Jobs That Are Safe From Automation

Automation is typically depicted in academic literature and news articles as a colossal struggle between man and machine, in which machine seems fated to win and take over. Many people are scared they many loose they job to automation. Some need to be scared about job losses to automation. Others can feel safe that their jobs are very safe from automation taking over. As automation in the workplace rapidly switches from science fiction to business fact, there is wide belief that the changes it will bring along are more nuanced than a mere choice between robot and human. A [...]

5 Jobs That Will Be Created by Automation

Are you worried that a robot or AI system will replace you at work? If so, you should probably relax and even look forward to an exciting future. Automation may have replaced 800,000 jobs, according to one study. At the same time, automation generated about 3.5 million different jobs, and mostly, these jobs pay considerably more than the ones that were lost. Five Jobs Automation Created Take a look at some new opportunities that automation created or is likely to create soon: Service Jobs Automation helps create service jobs in a number of ways. For instance, Paneera Bread has enjoyed [...]

6 Jobs Facing Losses to Automation

While the robots aren’t exactly coming to take all our jobs just yet, automation will have an impact on a variety of fields in the next decade and beyond. While most professions will experience changes due to automation, the fields below are particularly at risk and could even be eliminated by automation.  From improving safety with a self-driving truck to increasing efficiency and accuracy with automation in the warehouse and on the production line, these are the jobs that are most likely to be impacted by automation in the years ahead: Truck Drivers While the self-driving family car is often [...]