If You Work in IT – Things You Do NOT Have to Worry About

There are many perks of working in IT; however, those that receive the most play are often the lifestyle advantages, from free food to arcade-style gaming in the office. While these benefits are certainly fun,  savvy developers understand that the real perks of a tech career are internal, rather than external. These 5 things you don't have to worry about if you work in IT illustrate some of the true advantages of a working in the field. 1. Having a lengthy stretch of unemployment after leaving a job Sure, it is ideal adhere to the conventional wisdom: Always stay in your [...]

6 Ways to Identify a Tech Leader

Change is one of the most telling signs of the technological world. Companies that do not keep up with the “change” are either sold to giants or end up filing for bankruptcy. This is why identifying the tech leader is necessary for an IT based firm. Employees who take the initiative and show commitment to their work are easily distinguishable. This culture can only prosper if the company promotes intrapreneurship and invests in employee ideas. Especially for a department that has to keep up with an industry that experiences change on the constant. Leaders take initiative and posses a [...]

4 Ideas To Help Your IT Career – [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: 4 Ideas To Help Your IT Career Build a network Find a meetup or user group with people of like skills. Reach out to recruiters in LinkedIn. Pick a New Skill and Fully Learn It Ask for training from your employer. Find a youtube tech channel and watch it once a week during lunch. Be Agile and Prepared to Take Challenges Let your boss know you want to try new work, take on a challenge or join a new team. Read Technical Books Commit to reading a certain number of books every quarter or year. If not reading [...]

6 Best Reasons for New Grads to Get a Career in IT [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: 6 Best Reasons for New Grads to Get a Career in IT Key Takeaways: Tech Jobs Are Not Going Anywhere IT Jobs may double over the next 10 years You Will Be Constantly Learning and Exploring New Areas of the Field Technology is always disruptive, changing and adding new fields You Will be Paid Well Demand will outpace supply of skilled workers You Will Be Rewarded and Challenged Constantly There is no shortage of problems for tech to solve Every Industry Needs Tech Skills Oil & Gas, Finance, Manufacturing and everything else Explore Your Innovative Side Learn, grow [...]

5 Innovation Myths Busted and Debunked

You can find plenty of research that supports the idea that companies need to innovate to keep growing and perhaps even to survive. You probably already know the story of how Blockbuster Video missed an opportunity and let Netflix disrupt the industry. The importance of innovation runs even deeper than a force for business growth. Scientific American talked about innovation as one human virtue that allowed our ancestors to advance from pretty feeble, hairless apes to the planet's dominant species. People found solutions to problems like fierce enemies, bad weather, and scarce resources in order to survive and thrive. [...]