10 Questions Smart Software Developers Ask in Job Interviews

Smart software developers can have their pick of choice jobs. It's important to assess the fit when interviewing for new positions, so you can find the best job. These 10 questions help you learn more about the role of developers within the organization, the company's commitment to implementing new technologies, and the level of support for developers. Smart software developers know what questions to ask in an IT job interview. Learn what to ask—and what to listen for in the answer—to gauge whether a position really lines up with your goals. 1. Are you Agile or Agile-ish? With agile, does [...]

Ace that IT Interview Part 2 [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: How to Ace that IT interview – Part 2 Key Takeaways: Answer the question they ask – if may seem obvious but many people do not do this. Don’t ramble on – They may only have 30 minutes to talk to you. Don’t waste it. Know your strengths – have 5-6 prepared answers to this Why did you leave ___ ? Tell the truth and keep it positive. If it is vague, you create doubt. Be interested – always let them know that you are interested in the position. https://decideconsulting.com/ace-interview-part-2/

Ace that IT Interview Part 1 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Title: How to Ace that IT interview – Part 1 Key Takeaways: Remember they have pressure to make the right hire – You may feel pressure to get the job, but they mess up, the company loses money. Find out what you need to sell about yourself – Do some research and find out about their products and services. What technologies do they use for them? Ask good questions: • What is the background and characteristics that make people successful in this role? • What are the most important things to accomplish in this role? • What will make [...]

How To Write The Perfect Thank You Note After The IT Interview

A lot has changed about job interview procedures over the past couple of years. It is not uncommon to be asked to partake in in a video interview, provide links to your social networking accounts for demonstrating your personal brand, or to carry out some sample work to prove that you are competent for the job. Regardless of how the interview occurred, your chances of receiving a job offer go up tremendously if you write a personal hand-written thank you note after the interview. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to send a thank you note to [...]

How to Ace that IT interview – Part 2

We see very few companies give their people, outside of HR, training on interviewing. For most IT positions, the company IT manager or programmer conducting the interview has not done a lot of interviewing. They inevitably ask questions they have been asked before when they were job searching.  In our first article about how to Ace the IT interview, we spoke about how to look at things from the hiring company and mangers perspective. Here are some additional topics so you can ace that IT interview. In this segment, we want to give hints and tips on answering common [...]