Your Next IT Job – Contract or Full-Time? – INFOGRAPHIC

Title: Contract or Full-Time? Subtitle: What Should Your Next IT Job Be? Pros of Contract: Flexibility You Get Paid for Every Hour No Politics Tax Benefits Cons of Contract: Less Security No Benefits Pay for you Insurance Pay Your Own Taxes No Upward Growth Pros of Full Time: Benefits Paid Time Off Career Path Someone Investing in You Cons of Full Time: Less Cash Is it Stable? Part of a Team Simpler Taxes

Job Boards Are Less Effective for IT and Technology Related Jobs

There was a time when job boards were all the rage for job seekers. All you had to do was to post your résumé on a job board and wait for employers and recruiters to view it. You could also easily apply for a job opening you were interested in. But today, finding jobs is a completely different ball game. The time has drastically changed.   Job boards lost their effectiveness once social media took the world by storm. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter is what job seekers prefer to use these days to network their way to the relevant [...]

Best IT Jobs in Houston so far in 2017

Houston features a dynamic IT market with countless job opportunities for talented and hardworking people. Let’s take a look at some of the best information technology jobs available in Houston in 2017: Front-end Web Designing – Front-end designing is the practice of using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to design a web application or website so that a user can vie w and interact with the business directly. People who can speak Human and Code are difficult to find. Front-end web designers are responsible for the planning, layout and rendering of a website in a programmer such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, [...]

Things to Think About When Offered an IT Contract-To-Hire Position

A contract-to-hire agreement is one where a contractor is hired by an employer for a pre-decided, probationary period of time, where the two parties check their compatibility with each other. There are various factors that you need to consider when it comes to working at a contract-to-hire position. 1. Why the company prefers contract-to-hire (C2H):  A very important factor in deciding whether to work at a contract-to-hire position or not is the history of the company when it comes to C2H. If the organization has a history of employing C2H workers, there’s a relatively greater chance of things going according [...]