Houston IT Market Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Houston IT Market Facts Summer 2019 Houston employed 83,543 people in Software and Information Technology Gender Makeup of the Houston IT Market  18% Female 82% Male Experience Breakdown of the Houston IT Market:  15% 0 – 5 years 26% 6 – 10 years 31% 11- 15 years 18% 16 – 20 years 10% 21+ 26% Have a post graduate degree 81% Have a college Degree 19% have no degree Average Job Tenure is 46 Months

10 Things Tech Candidates Hate about IT Recruiters

Ask any talented IT pro about recruiters, and you’ll likely hear the same stories and complaints: “He tried to hard sell me to take a job in Florida – 800 miles away after I indicated I was only looking for local work.” “She made the job sound like a dream – but it ended up being a nightmare instead”. “I went to an interview and never heard from him again”. “LOL, I am not taking a 10K pay cut so you can earn a commission”. What makes the process so challenging, and why do so many skilled technical professionals [...]

4 Questions to Identify a Team Player for Software Development [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: 4 Questions to Identify a Team Player for Software Development Takeaways: 1 - Tell me about a time you dealt with a company-specific procedure for check-in, code review, progressions, release, SDLC, etc Bad Answers: They complain about the process They speak of the process being burdensome Good Answer: They talk about why having processes are good for everyone. You hear words like “Transparency” and “Adaptability” 2 - Tell me about a time a specification package was incorrect Bad Answers: They talk about how bad the specs were at multiple places. They talk about tension with the business analyst. [...]

5 Jobs That Will Be Created by Automation

Are you worried that a robot or AI system will replace you at work? If so, you should probably relax and even look forward to an exciting future. Automation may have replaced 800,000 jobs, according to one study. At the same time, automation generated about 3.5 million different jobs, and mostly, these jobs pay considerably more than the ones that were lost. Five Jobs Automation Created Take a look at some new opportunities that automation created or is likely to create soon: Service Jobs Automation helps create service jobs in a number of ways. For instance, Paneera Bread has enjoyed [...]

How Employers Plan to Deal With the IT Skills Gap?

According to predictions based upon information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States will face a deficit of one million people to fill skilled computing jobs by 2020. Only a small fraction of employers say that higher education sufficiently prepares students for jobs in their organizations; Beyond that, for 600,000 current openings for IT jobs, only a little over 40,000 computer science majors graduated last year. Not only does the IT skills gap exist, it's likely to continue to exist in the next few years. Companies that can effectively deal with this challenge will continue to benefit [...]