How to Know if a Corporate Culture is Right for You [Infographic]

What to Do When You Have Two Strong Tech Candidates How to Know if a Corporate Culture is Right for You The Décor of the Office Space - Is it Bland or Hip? What does the Website Say? - When was it last updates? - What do they talk about? What does the News and Social Media say? - Are they on Social Media? Is it asctive? - Any news about them? How are the People Dressed? - Suits and ties or casual? - slacks or jeans? Is there food around? - Vending machines or something healthy? Question the [...]

How to know if a Corporate Culture is right for you

If you’re being hired for a position or even if you’re interested in a position at a tech firm, you should evaluate their corporate culture. You need to know if a company’s corporate culture is right for you before taking a job. Corporate culture has a lot to do with the company’s philosophy and worldview. Most companies put flowery words and paint vistas of progress and ingenuity, however, their actions, controversies and milestones speak louder than words. The organizational culture at a company feeds in to what they think of their customers and employees and how they treat their employees. [...]