being IT recruiterBeing an IT recruiter is different from recruiting in any other field since the dynamics are always subject to change. It’s a difficult position to be in, having to be the one to decide which applicants to keep and which to let go off. There’s no amount of training to prepare one to recruit IT talent, which makes it an interesting job.

  • Accessibility
    Since an IT recruiter has to be easily accessible, their contact information is no hidden secret. This is so that anyone anywhere can reach you anytime. This leads to the point that IT recruiters are always working, always recruiting. Since you’re talking to potential candidates on a Sunday, this also leads to having a less professional conduct. It may even feel like intrusions in your personal life, but the unpredictability of your job makes it more enjoyable.
  • Flexibility
    It’s always crucial that IT recruiters be given flexibility by the company they work for. After all, they do spend most of their waking hours looking for fresh talent in the market. Finding out that a company has strict work hours for their recruiters is never good news. That’s a sign that they probably have ineffective recruitment and unhappy IT recruiters.
  • Knowing People
    Becoming an IT recruiter usually results in your whole life becoming a meshwork of threads from the fabric of your social and professional life. Having an extensive network of social contacts is essential to becoming an effective IT recruiter. Knowing enough people will almost always get you hearing about some fresh IT graduate that’s looking for a job. You should also get used to meeting more and more people since the network keeIT Recruiterps growing.
  • Being A Face
    Maybe you’re not the company representative when they’re about to make a priceless business transaction with a foreign company, but you become the face of it for many others. This is true, especially in your networks where there’s always the need for a job popping up and they come to you first before applying to the company directly.
  • You’re Always Helping People
    The aspect of being able to help people get jobs is the part of being an IT recruiter that makes you feel more human. Knowing how a person is facing hardships and is in need of a job is what usually drives you to help others. This makes you more approachable and easy to talk to.

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