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No one is arguing that the demand for software development is skyrocketing. It is been stated the number of software developer could double in 10 years. IT professionals and programmers now have a lot of career opportunities to look forward to. You do not have to remain restricted to one particular sector or department. The possibility of further growth is huge in the IT field, and you can enhance your skills and strengths through numerous certification courses. These specialized certifications enhance your technical knowledge and experience and help progress your career. All you have to do is to pass an exam and make yourself eligible for some of the best paying jobs across the world.

There are millions of companies that are frequently hiring IT professionals to improve the quality of their service. You can tap into any opportunity you want and gain more value in the industry by doing some courses. These certifications help you increase your skills and stand out in the field.

Making more money through the job you are already doing cannot be any more desiring. You can increase your pay scale through developing more competence and expanding your talent horizon. Here are the top five programming certifications that can boost your earning by increasing your pay scale.

1. ACE: Adobe Certified Expert

Adobe is said to be the most recognized and the leading source of tools of graphics, publishing, designing, and web development. The software platforms and tool suites are the foundation for almost all content that is developed by the companies across the world. This requires the organizations to have IT professionals on board who are proficient at Adobe suites and software.

Adobe itself offers credential under the title of Adobe Certified Expert. This covers a whole lot of areas including interactive and online content. You can get certification on as many Adobe products as you want. It could be the Adobe Creative Cloud product only that includes Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

You can increase the complexity of the certification as much you want and get the certifications at quite reasonable prices. Adobe certification can increase your professional value. It can make a valuable impression on your resume. The best thing is that you do not require any prior experience to enroll in the course.

2. CSSLP: Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional

CSSLP is a certification that makes you learn how to secure applications. The course teaches you about the software development lifecycle. Factually, there are loopholes present in the applications and systems. They are the sources which expose them to cybersecurity threats. CSSLP helps you learn how to address these loopholes and counter them effectively. Application vulnerabilities are regarded as the top most concerns of the companies and they look for ways to secure it.

Being CSSLP certified, you can get well-paying positions. You can also gain significant growth and learning experience through CSSLP. CSSLP tests your ability in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to fulfill the security needs of any system.

The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc. facilitates the CSSLP certification. It is expected to become a standard in the industry. So, if you want to make use of the present supply gap in the industry, you can acquire this certificate. It will help you explore ample opportunities for career advancement.

3. MCSD: Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

MCSD is an upgraded version of Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD). It shows your competence in Microsoft technology and can result in all sorts of professional benefits. Being in the IT field, you have all the necessary Microsoft skills. But, getting a certification increases your professional demand.

MCSD allows you to get pro at offering cloud data platform solutions, business intelligence, and data analytics and big data. MCSD also teaches you to plan and manage devices in an enterprise setting. It gives you the opportunity to gain “App Builder certification” which allows you to use Microsoft’s platform to build compatible software.

4. Certified Ruby Programmer

Web development is becoming more exciting with time. This is due to new programming languages and technologies. But, this necessitates that you have to keep up with the development, too, to maintain your competitive edge. Certified Ruby Programmer is an excellent certification program that you can make use of. This certification covers the basics of Ruby on Rails, a highly potential programming technology.

It examines your knowledge and skills about libraries, classes and fundamental elements of Ruby. Passing this exam you can improve your professional capabilities and boost your career growth. The duration of the exam is one hour and thirty minutes and costs you around $150.

Getting this certificate will open a lot of career growth opportunities for you as it will stand you out and will increase your demand.  This will allow you to give more negotiation room in terms of pay scale.

5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Service (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect requires you to have some experience in the field of distributed applications and systems designing on the AWS platform. You need skills to create and organize systems and application on the AWS and select the right service as per the requirements of the customers.

Also, you should be able to develop an on-premise app on the AWS. This is a challenging process in the acquisition of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification. However, it is worth the effort as it allows you a substantial career boost. Once you are able to achieve this certification, you can get a job with an expected $123,801 annual salary.

Having programming certification enables you to have proof of your expertise. They make you look more serious and dedicated to your profession. They highlight your professional traits and increase credibility. There is a high demand for IT professionals in the market.

Programming certifications can allow you to choose which particular niche you want to work in. They can help open several career opportunities for you that are very well paying. So, if you are wondering how to improve your earning, programming certification is a good place to start from.

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