Questions Freelancer askThe IT freelancing business isn’t an easy one and more than often, you’ll face problems while finding a suitable client. It’s easy to find clients, just not good ones. This is why freelancers should get information on their potential client before they jump in. There’s no harm in doing a little research on your own and finding out whether your client is reliable, but make sure to satisfy any queries before you decide to work on a project. Here are some good questions any IT freelancer or contractor should ask before starting the next project

About the Company

Questions about what they do and how long they’ve been doing it are pretty standard. Sure, you can find this information on their website or social media account, but it’s always best to get an in-depth idea about them. Ask about their customer base and what specific population they cater to. Bluntly asking a company representative about their reputation is never a good idea. Therefore, try to phrase the question differently if you want to ask it and ask about successful operations and projects.

About Policies

It’s good to know what your client wants in terms of work and whether they would prefer speed over quality or vice versa. Feel free to ask if they’ve dealt with freelancers before and what projects they were given. You can ask them how often they want updates on your progress to show that you’re constantly active. Ask questions about your payment and on what basis you’ll be paid. Other areas that you can discuss are if you’ll receive the same benefits as permanent employees. You’ll be curious to know if you’re even suitable for the job so make sure to ask if they have any experience-specific or other requirements.

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About The Project

Knowing who’s supervising the project and how often you’ll have to coordinate with them is highly significant. It’s crucial to know about your workload so it’s advisable to ask about deadlines and revision dates. This allows you to find a suitable schedule that allows you to finish the project in time. The budg

et is an important part of a project to ensure excellent results and output. Hence, you should ask about the budget that is decided upon, and if there are any limitations as to the use of the company’s resources. It’s helpful to get project-related instructions to help you get started so don’t be shy to ask them if their customers have specific needs that you should keep in mind.

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