Should I have a Resume Objective?

It’s a long-held belief in resume writing to include an objective section. It shows the employer what you hope to achieve and how you intend to achieve it. It can demonstrate maturity, a wide worldview, long-sightedness, and drive to accomplish your goals. However, in certain jobs it is considered the opposite. Resume writing doesn’t come with an instruction manual and nor should it. Usually when employers and HR recruitment heads are going through resumes, they get tired of looking at the same templates and lists and they often skim the resume to get a general idea of the candidate. If [...]

10 Things Tech Candidates Hate about IT Recruiters [Infographic]

10 Things Tech Candidates Hate about IT Recruiters 1) You’ve exaggerated the job 2) You didn't read my resume 3) No Feedback I went on the interview. Give me some feedback. 4) You sent my resume where? You need to tell me where my resume is going 5) Too many steps in the interview process 6) You do not understand the role Your questions tell me you are in over your head 7) Do not ask me to take a pay cut 8) Do not ask me to move 9) You are not even in this country How can [...]

Important Things to Put on Your IT Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: Important Things to Put on Your IT Resume Length Don't worry so much on the length. Focus on the quality of the first two pages. This should summarize the last 3-5 years. Skills Employers are looking for the right skills. Have a skills section the groups your experience (Languages, Databases, Routers, etc..) Certifications If you have relevant certifications, mention them early. Leave the certifications you got in the 90s on the last page. Keep it Concise & Simple Easy on the formatting. If you wish to show your design skills, give them a link. Accomplishments Mention accomplishement, but [...]

Important Things to Put on Your IT Resume

Even though the demand for IT professionals is increasing day by day, your resume will have a great impact on the kind of response you get from potential employers. Having a powerful resume will help you get the attention of the right employers and will help you land a job faster. This is why along with having the technical skills and experience, it is also important to create a resume that will impress the reader. In this article, we will explain some of the tips  and things to put on your resume to make it stand out so you [...]