Top 10 Problems EHS organizations have with Software [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: Top 10 EHS Software Problems Companies Have 1) Invested in an EHS enterprise system and are only using part of the functionality 2) Need a master Action Item Interface They have action Items coming in from multiple systems Which action item is important? 3) How to deal with multiple sub systems (MOC, Investigation, observation, BBS, JSA) With multiple systems, each has different steps 4) How to analyze the data / data overload Too much data coming in from too many system 5) Still have manual processes Many companies are still tracking EHS data in Excel and Email alongside [...]

Decide’s $100 Problem Solver Challenge

Are you a great Problem solver? Do you work in IT? Will you consider a new opportunity? Do you want a $100 to prove it? If the answers are Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes – continue reading. We do IT staffing- permanent placement and contract. Out niche is we focus on those really good problem-solving candidates. When we are looking for people at our clients, we do not just match them with technically competent people, we also find them the ones who make their organization soar. Every IT group we see, there are always those 2-3 people who make [...]

Better Problem Solvers Leads to Better IT

IT Departments can be more effective if they made effort to focus on finding people with problem solving skill in addition to the technical skills. Teams with better problem solvers lead to better teams. Several years ago I was on a software development project for a fortune 100 company. Through the course of investigating some data I needed to call in an API, I learned about an application they had running. As I started asking questions, several facts about this one application came out: They needed to reboot the server running this application 3-4 times a week They needed [...]

Top 10 EHS Software Problems Companies Have

In our work with EHS software systems, these are the top ten EHS software problems we hear from our clients: 1) Invested in an EHS enterprise system and are only using part of the functionality – for some companies, the investment in an EHS software package can exceed $10M just to get started. It is not unheard of to have an annual total maintenance cost over $2M a year. That is a lot of money, even for big oil. Are companies getting the full benefit when the processes reflected in the software were accurate 4 years ago, but no [...]