4 Questions to Identify a Team Player for Software Development – Updated

“As we are experiencing the ‘Great Resignation’, many people are re-evaluating what they want in a job and where they are doing it. Companies are trying to keep up with the trends as well. We are updating one of our past entries with some additional information related to current hiring trends.” Team players are better than lone wolfs when it comes to software development. No one individual will be able to code, test, release, prototype, etc. We need teams of people to get this done. Good team players make an organization better. Bad team members can cost thousands, if [...]

What to Do When You Have Two Strong Tech Candidates

First off, congratulations to the IT managers of SMBs! You are fortunate to have found two tech candidates that are willing to work for you. Many companies are struggling to find one these days. Here are some tips when you have two strong tech candidates and how to make the best decision. One of the responsibilities of modern IT managers today is to find the right tech talent if there are any open positions on your tech team. This process of hunting down the best tech talent out there is not as easy as it seems. Choosing the right [...]

Why Is It Harder to Find Talent for Your Tech and IT Jobs

So you’re hiring employees for your tech firm. You want the best talent out of the lot in the market, and are looking to rope in the talented minds out there. However, in this day and age, where the need for tech jobs has reached extreme heights, we face a major shortage of talented IT individuals. It is harder to find good people for your IT and technology jobs. If you’ve run a hiring campaign for your organization lately, you would concur with us when we say that there is an acute shortage of tech talent out there in [...]

What is Your Company’s Recruiting Strategy for IT Talent?

Have you ever thought about creating a unique recruiting strategy for hiring your IT talent? Although, the field of IT is growing by leaps and bounds, most companies still follow the age old methods of recruitment. The traditional approach will be ineffective though, since hiring people in this day and age calls for a different approach as compared to before, and you need to alter the old modus operandi for that. Companies need to reevaluate their recruiting strategy for IT and technical talent. Things to Consider For a Recruiting Strategy Most IT companies do not have a distinct hiring [...]

Ways You Can Find Great Tech Talent

There has never been a more exciting time to work in the tech industry. Jobs that once seemed exhausting or best suited left to geeky computer professionals are now more in demand than ever before. For this reason, finding good candidates is not as hard. However, finding the top tech talent, both in terms of skill-set and culture can be a little overwhelming. Your HR department can do the best they can, but you cannot force talented people through your company's doors if you aren't utilizing the right hiring strategies. Listed below are 5 ways that will help optimizing [...]