Top 5 STEM Careers for 2020A STEM career (short for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) comes with an abundance of possibilities. Thousands of professions fall into this category. From being an accountant to being a zoologist, the list of STEM jobs is endless. People that opt for STEM careers can end up changing the world. These jobs also offer the chance to earn a high salary while doing meaningful work. There is immense potential for professional growth as well.  Read on as we discuss the highest paying jobs in STEM industries.

1.   Software Developer

Medial Annual Salary: $70,868 – $110,590

A software developer is one of the most popular STEM jobs out there. It has been predicted that by 2026, the number of new software developer jobs will increase to 302,500. This is due to the rising popularity of mobile applications. The emergence of IoT (the Internet of Things) is likely to accelerate this demand as well.

The educational requirements for an entry-level software developer include a graduate degree in computer science or software engineering. Some of the most popular programming languages and platforms that are currently in demand for this profession include C-Sharp, JavaScript, SQL, Java, and .NET.

Software developers applying for an entry-level position can expect to earn an annual salary of $62,000. These differ by location, as well. For instance, software developers based in San Francisco, Seattle, or New York can expect to earn higher salaries.

2.   Statistician

Medial Annual Salary: $72,528- $84,060

If you are considering a STEM career, then becoming a statistician can be very lucrative, as well. There is a considerable amount of demand for this profession. This is because businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on statistical information for establishing their goals and objectives and taking key decisions. Statisticians are required to use statistical theory in the collection, organization, interpretation, and summarization of data. They can help businesses in understand existing market trends and changes in consumer behavior.

An entry-level position requires you to have a master’s degree in economics, mathematics, or computer science. Some of the most popular skills required for this profession include a comprehensive knowledge of statistical analysis and data analysis techniques and SAS.

3.   Data Analyst

Median annual salary: $59,946 – $90,600

We are living in the age of data. The availability of big data has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Of course, just because you have access to large quantities of data does not mean you can use it to drive change in the organization. This is where data analysts come in. These professionals can process the data available and extract useful information from it.

Most data analysts are required to possess a degree in mathematics or statistics. There are many postgraduate degree problems available as well. The great thing about data analysts is that they can work in any industry. It is a vast field with plenty of exciting career opportunities. You can earn an annual salary of $54,369 as an entry-level data analyst, which makes it one of the best STEM jobs out there.

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4.   Mechanical Engineer

Median annual salary: $ 70,268- $100,000+

This is among the highest paying jobs in STEM. As a profession, mechanical engineering entails designing, building, and testing a mechanical device. This can include everything from a thermal sensor and electric generator to gas turbines and escalators.  There’s plenty of diversity within this field, as well. You can choose to be an automotive engineer, a robotics engineer, or a manufacturing engineer. Most entry-level positions will require a graduate degree in mechanical engineering. Individuals considering a STEM career in mechanical engineering can also attempt the EIT exam or acquire a certification that is related to their industry.

5.   Machine Learning Engineer

Median annual salary: $ 94,000 – $179,000

Machine learning engineers are recruited by some of the biggest organizations in the world. These include Apple, Accenture, and Microsoft. It is an extremely lucrative career choice that can allow you to work in prominent organizations and be part of some of the biggest technological developments of this century. It also pays extremely well. Some of the most notable machine learning skills that are currently in demand include Deep Learning, NLP, and Python.

Wrapping It Up

STEM jobs can help you pursue an exciting career with immense growth and learning. Once you make up your mind about the kind of work you want to do, there are plenty of jobs to choose from. Some of the highest paying jobs in STEM revolve around machine learning, mechanical engineering, data analysis, and software development.

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