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Technology Spotlight: Stress Test vs. Load Test

Working in software development requires conducting a stress test and a load test during the software development life cycle. Whether you’re in DevOps, a Quality Assurance Engineer or a basic Software Engineer, you need to do load and stress tests in order to estimate how much a system can bear before it breaks down and how well it performs under certain loads and peak times. What Are Stress and Load Tests? A stress test involves overloading a system to its breaking point to find out how much it can take. This can help determine the capacity of that system and [...]

Practical Reasons you Cannot Find .NET Developers

IT staffing and recruiting nowadays has become extremely competitive. Organizations are looking for nothing less than the best talent, and have expanded their hiring routines to make way for the talent. As part of their search, they have incorporated a lot of new and innovative methods for reaching out to the best IT talent. Microsoft .NET is a the technology stack selected by many companies. Go figure, demand for .NET people has steadily grown. With all this, .NET Developers are becoming harder to find.  Companies are struggling to figure out why they used to be able to find .NET [...]

How to Break In to an AI Job – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Topic: How to Break In to an AI Job Sub Topic: AI Skills are Hot. Here are Some Hints to Develop AI Skills Take Googles Free AI Course - Learn what they teach in Silicon Valley Other Free Online Material - Check Out Coursera and EDX. Excellent Material Study AI Software Tools - Azure Machine Learning, Rainbird, TensorFlow, AWS - Pick one and go! Read all you can - Set up Google Alerts on your favorite AI topic Hello World - Find a small work problem that can have AI applied to it. Do it! Read More: INFOGRAPHIC - [...]

Growth Challenge for SMBs – Hiring Your First Web Developer

Consider this common scenario many growing small and medium sized business (SMB) face. An SMB with $25 million yearly revenues will likely have a CRM system, accounting software, and an operational software package. They must have a website that they maintain in a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal. At some point these companies will have to add functionality to their site, integrate their separate systems, and provide some reporting to the management. This is when growing SMBs realize they need to hire your first web developer. For a growing company not used to hiring technical and IT [...]

AWS vs. Azure – Which One Is Better for You

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are cloud service providers that have revolutionized the IT and tech industry exponentially. Cloud storage companies, like these two, have touched millions of lives and have changed the competitive landscape of various IT companies. AWS and Azure each have strong features and have enough market share to prove they will be players in the cloud computing market for some time. Still, there are differences between AWS and Azure that are worth pointing out. Let's compare AWS vs Azure. Considering that AWS has been around for the last ten years or so, it [...]