It is a Very Good Time to be a Software Developer

Why it is a good time to be a software developer? Here are some facts: There are approximately 1.7M software developers, by a strict definition in the US For every software developer, there is another job as a DBA, analyst or support  personnel For every software developer, there are even more jobs as QA, Salespeople selling the software, graphics designers, project managers and so on. There are nearly 250,000 open software development jobs 90% of software development jobs are outside Silicon Valley The average salary of these software development jobs is $104K 1% of the US population is employed [...]

How to Have a Better IT Recruiting Team

We hear it every day. We hear it from software developers, project managers and infrastructure people. Most IT people do not like IT recruiters. They view them as a necessary evil. There are some common reasons why we hear it: Most IT recruiters are just looking for a few key phrases in your resume. Many IT recruiters have no clue about how the technology works. For example, they get that a lot of .NET developers have Angular on their resume, but they have no idea how the two fit together. Several IT staffing companies hire very inexperienced people as [...]

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How to Ace that IT interview – Part 2

We see very few companies give their people, outside of HR, training on interviewing. For most IT positions, the company IT manager or programmer conducting the interview has not done a lot of interviewing. They inevitably ask questions they have been asked before when they were job searching.  In our first article about how to Ace the IT interview, we spoke about how to look at things from the hiring company and mangers perspective. In this segment, we want to give hints and tips on answering common questions. Answer the question they ask – It sounds so obvious, but you [...]

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