6 Ways to Identify a Tech Leader [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 Ways to Identify a Tech Leader They Can Deal with Change - Leaders form educated ideas and opinions - They admit they may be wrong The Will To learn - Leaders show a willingness to learn and better themselves - They encourage others to do the same They Seek Mentors - Leaders promote a mentor culture. - They will seek advice from people who have made their mark Mentors Others - Leaders are happy to mentor new comers. - They advise other employees regarding technology changes Limit Politics - Leaders believe in collaborative efforts rather than one man [...]

Why Is It Harder to Find Talent for Your Tech and IT Jobs

Oh, so you’re hiring employees for your tech firm. You want the best talent out of the lot in the market, and are looking to rope in the talented minds out there. However, in this day and age, where the need for tech jobs has reached extreme heights, we face a major shortage of talented IT individuals.If you’ve run a hiring campaign for your organization lately, you would concur with us when we say that there is an acute shortage of tech talent out there in the market. Talented individuals are hard to hire, and most organizations in the IT [...]

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AI Jobs are In Demand [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE – AI Jobs are In Demand So Few With the AI Skills NYTimes Reported fewer than 10,000 Skilled AI people in the world https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/22/technology/artificial-intelligence-experts-salaries.html More than 10,000 Problems that need AI Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Logistics all need AI Talent Not just Google and Uber Silicon Valley is Soaking Up AI Talent Freshly minted PhDs being offered up to $500K Google paid $650M for DeepMind Only 50 people worked there Each person valued at $13M Start learning about TensorFlow, BrainBird and MindMeld http://decideconsulting.com/500k-stock-options-no-experience-required-ai-jobs-demand/

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