Bad advice not get offerThere is an abundance of tips and tricks out there for getting hired.  Interview tips, what to wear, what to put on your resume, etc.. No matter how unique, you probably have heard them already. Today, we flip the script. We often hear people handing out bad advice to job seekers or hear strategies that people are doing that make our skin crawl. In this article we summarize some of the bad advice and tips we hear. Do the opposite of these thing in your job search.

Keep Your Resume to One Page

Yes, do everything you can to keep your resume to one page. Put in your best efforts to stuff that one-page resume with all the information about your experiences, completed projects, achievements, qualifications, unique skills etc. This ensures the interviewer gets an eyesore while looking at your resume.

Apply to as Many Positions as Possible

This one is gold. Keep applying for all the jobs you see on your screen and at all the companies that exist in your city. It is going to help you big time when you get an interview call from one of the companies and you have absolutely no idea which position the call was for and if you actually even applied for the job or not.

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Do Not Use Recruiters Because Only People Who Can’t Find Jobs on Their Own Need Them

Why use recruiters when you know they anxiously await your presence at Google headquarters or maybe Microsoft main office? Getting tha

IT recruiting tricks

t extra help to find a more fitting job according to your requirements more quickly is a silly idea anyway. Who wants to study for 16 years only to find the perfect job for themselves?

Apply for Jobs Only When You See Them on Your Favorite Job Board

Since the online website you use for finding jobs is the only website in the world that does that, it is best that you wait for jobs to appear on it. Do not drop resumes by going to the company physically or use your network of old colleagues and friends. And yes, companies don’t hire internally and prefer recommendations from their trusted employees, therefore, they will always post an open job position—internal hiring does not exist.

Do Not Write a Thank You Letter

What happens when you write a thank you letter after your IT job interview is that it increases the odds of getting hired—something a candidate never wants. In the worst case scenario, the interviewer will be reminded of you out of dozens of other candidates and your nice gesture might impress them to call you for job confirmation.

The employer will expect that you know what to do if you can grasp the gist of what this write-up is trying to convey, and get the dream job that you have always been looking for.

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