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keeping your tech talentIf you have had to hire IT or Technology people, you have noticed it is getting harder to find, hire and keep quality IT and technology people. Google ‘Tech Skills Gap” or “tech talent shortage” and you will see plenty of articles about this. With the demand for good IT skills going up, and no signs of slowing down, it becomes increasingly important for you to keep those people you have.

Recruiting is becoming more sophisticated. More and more recruiters are using social media, inbound recruiting and other methods to find and attract potential candidates for their clients. If you have quality developers, architects or engineers, there are dozens of recruiters looking for them daily.

We once worked with a software company where the CEO said “I gave them a job. I owe them nothing else.”  They are out of business. Technology-oriented companies around the country are asking themselves:

  • How do we create a Google-like culture?
  • What training can we provide our IT people?
  • How do we give developers work-life balance?
  • How do we expose our network engineers to new tools?
  • What other benefits can we offer to keep and attract new talent?

Your company had worked hard to find and build your technology teams. You have invested in them and they in you. Are you doing everything you can to keep them around?

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