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tech skills gapIf you have been in the position of hiring an Information Technology worker, you will have noticed it is getting harder to find and hire good IT and technology people. Google ‘Tech Skills Gap” or “technology talent shortage” and you will see plenty of material about this. There are several reasons for the Tech Skills Gap and why it is harder to find quality technical talent

• AI, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, IoT and Cloud computing are still in their infancy and getting heavy traction. There are a lot of big salaries being offered to people to get into these fields.
• Technical Skills are becoming more and more specialized.
• We will grow from 17B IoT devices (2017) to 80B IoT devices by 2025. Each needs hardware, software, security and will produce immense amount of data.
• Think of all the web-based applications that still need mobile versions built for them.
• Less than 3% of college graduates get a degree in Computer Science
• IT is increasingly at the heart of business
• Network Architecture, Project Managers, BA, QA, Helpdesk are still there and growing.

It is hard to find quality technical talent and will become harder. This makes it more important for managers and directors responsible for Information Technology staffs to have better hiring systems, find new ways to attract technical talent and keep the talent they have. If you have a high performing developer, architect or solutions engineer, there are many recruiters out there searching for an individual like that.

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