Tech Skills Gap – INFOGRAPHIC

Title: Tech Skills Gap Sub Title: Improve Your Odds of Finding Good Tech Talent Consider a Contractor - Expands your talent pool - Save on Benefits Define Your Must Haves - What skills do you have to have? - What skills can live without or train someone on? Get Informed - What is the current demand? - What are other companies offering? Be Flexible Be willing to comprise on something Move Quickly Do not spread out the interview process Make interviewing a priority

Why It Is Getting Harder to Find IT Talent

IT is getting harder to find quality IT and technology people. The tech industry is booming worldwide and there is more potential for it to grow even further. With this technology expansion, the demand for information technology people and talent is becoming greater. The inflow of skilled technology workers is currently less than the demand. Many people are referring to this as the tech skills gap.   Because of these changes and rising trends in globalization, generational shifts, and changing consumer habits, both small and giant companies are realizing the need to get the best tech pros onboard to [...]

Tips from IT Recruiters: How to Hire Top IT Talent

A business is only exceptional as the people in it, and hiring exceptional people calls for a strong recruitment process. Hiring the best IT talent is as difficult as it has ever been, but with the following tips and guidelines from our IT recruiters , you will be able to optimize the entire procedure, thus saving time and effort. Focus on what they candidate wants – A lot of employees, especially millennials are looking for purpose in their work and opportunities to make a real impact. They want to be assured they will be acting more than just a [...]

3 Tips for Navigating the IT Talent Shortage

According to the Career website, the IT shortage may be at its highest level since 2008. IT outsourcer Harvey Nash and auditing firm KPMG surveyed over 3,000 technology leaders for their annual CIO survey and found that over 60 percent of respondents said hiring challenges and talent shortages are negatively impacting the industry. The tech talent gap stems from a shortage of people who know how to code, from back-end mobile app development to cloud-computing platforms. Additionally the war for talent within disruptive technologies such as robots is growing. Last June, Uber poached 40 researchers and scientists from [...]

Keys to Finding the Right Tech Talent

Although the tech job market is brimming with eager and keen applicants, we are still living in an age where organizations of all sizes are competing viciously to hire exceptional tech staff. Competition for top tech talent has been intense and extreme due to the massive imbalance that exists between the number of qualified and competent applicants (low) and the number of vacancies that need to be filled (high). There are certain key things a company can do to find the right tech talent and change that balance in their favor. This demand/supply anomaly, which is peculiar to the [...]