Why do IT and Tech People Cost so Much

Why do IT and Tech People Cost So Much?

IT salaries are increasing. Many managers wonder why IT and tech people cost so much. New Technologies Leads to Increased Demand for Tech Skills  Leads to More expensive .NET developers (or UX programmers or Java Programmers…)

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Think about it…
In 2018, there are 21B IoT Devices. In 2025, there will be 75B IoT Devices. Each one needs: 
Software written on it
Uses a network to get to the internet
Call an API
Creates Data
Puts the Data in a Cloud
Data is fed to other Systems
Need to be secure every step of the way

In 6 years we will do the following for 55B New IoT Devices: 
Write Code running on the IoT Devices
Create Networks for the IoT Devices to use
Write API Code for the IoT Devices to call
Increase Cloud Capacity to Store the Data
Create Algorithms to make sense of that data
Make sure hackers don’t get that data

That is a lot of demand from a lot of companies. We didn’t even touch Machine Learning, Big Data or all the existing IT work.