EHS Software Problem not How doneIn our work with companies implementing or changing their EHS Software, we often hear this quote or a variation of it:

“We used to do that, but now all incidents are required to be reviewed by the plant manager before being closed out.”

When we hear this, we very quickly hear some combination of the below:

  • We have changed our investigation methodology
  • We have changed our incident management process
  • We have changed our action item process
  • Our tracking system/software is inflexible and cannot be changed to match our evolving safety culture
  • We have identified new processes that we want to track and trend against
  • We want to implement a new behavior based safety program
  • We have had a rash of back injuries, we want to trace these to a root cause but haven’t captured the right data
  • We just sold off two refineries, but we can’t get them out of our system
  • We were just sold off, but want to take our EHS systems with us – help!

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Your organization is not alone if you are experiencing any of these scenarios. Our clients range from the largest oil companies to higher education, regional E&P to local municipalities. They all experience this to some degree and it is a problem.

There are a number of potential root causes that create these scenarios.  Safety cultures mature and evolve, often faster than the u

EHS software consulting

nderlying technical infrastructure can support.  System evolution is rarely considered nor planned into the EHS budget.  Systems get left behind, lose touch with the current reality and thus lose support in the extended community at your company.  We specialize in helping companies identify the gaps between cur

rent systems and processes.  We will investigate the capabilities of current systems, and offer recommendations as to how to expand the footprints of these systems to better accommodate the process needs.  Alternatively, we also understand the current market of EHS tools.  We can offer recommendations for tools that might better fit your company needs.  We can also help your team navigate the transition, whether that is expanding the current system capabilities or

moving into a new technology solution. We work with your people to map out a sustainable plan to incorporate process evolution and technology support.

We have helped companies find solutions in their evolving EHS cultures.  Contact us to find out more.

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