What to look for in an EHS Management system

The business justification of a modern EHS software system should be a straightforward, low-risk management decision. Most companies today are still using spreadsheets to manage their EHS program. As regulatory agencies become more sophisticated in tracking, reporting, and compliance enforcement, spreadsheets are simply not viable and create risk of non-compliance events and lost productivity. Compliance experts estimate that 80 percent of enterprises use spreadsheets to support critical business functions.  Spreadsheets are powerful and effective in small groups, but quickly break down when collaboration is needed across the organization. We need to plan ahead and determine what criteria we want [...]

Top 10 Problems EHS organizations have with Software [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: Top 10 EHS Software Problems Companies Have 1) Invested in an EHS enterprise system and are only using part of the functionality 2) Need a master Action Item Interface They have action Items coming in from multiple systems Which action item is important? 3) How to deal with multiple sub systems (MOC, Investigation, observation, BBS, JSA) With multiple systems, each has different steps 4) How to analyze the data / data overload Too much data coming in from too many system 5) Still have manual processes Many companies are still tracking EHS data in Excel and Email alongside [...]

Getting IT to buy in to your EHS software project

For many organizations today, technology is playing an increasingly large role in driving environmental, health, safety (EHS) and quality compliance and processes.  Across every industry, a higher percentage of the budget is being allocated towards EHS software.  Done right, enterprise EHS solutions have a larger user base than ERP rollouts. EHS departments often have adversarial partnerships with Information Technology. There is often a gap in understanding between the two. This article focus in getting IT to buy into your EHS software project. Getting IT properly aligned is a vital step to ensuring the success of a new EHS system [...]

Top 5 Reasons for a University-Wide EHS System

University EHS programs have proven a key component to building a world class university.  Managing materials inventory and compliance, ensuring faculty and student safety and tracking corrective actions are a must.  But, a lot of EHS departments have difficulty in convincing administrators for the need of a university wide EHS system. Justifying the investment in an EHS system can be difficult. Here’s a checklist of the top 5 signs your university needs to invest in EHS software for better environmental, health, and safety management. EHS incidents are costly. Costs related to safety usually manifest themselves in claims and fines. Preventing [...]

Three EHS KPIs That You Are Probably Not Tracking

What is the goal of an Enterprise EHS system?   The typical enterprise implementation will cost over $250,000, and almost half of them fail within the first three years.  With such a low rate of success, what are EHS organizations doing to contribute to this high failure rate? One thing EHS organizations can do to improve their ROI is establish better KPI measurements. Having been around a lot of successful implementations, the EHS departments that succeed have systems that are aligned with EHS’s goal of creating a safety culture.  If your company is thinking and acting safer, then incident rates [...]