Improve Your Odds of Getting Tech Talent in a Buyers Market

The tech industry is a buyer's market: As of 2016, there were 3 million more STEM jobs than qualified candidates. For companies seeking top talent, this means more competition to get candidates who have in-demand skills. So what can businesses do to improve their odds of getting needed tech talent in a buyer's market? Consider a Freelancer If your need is immediate, consider hiring a freelancer. Freelance workers can step in and pinch hit for a variety of IT needs. Consider that, in 2016, one in ten CIO's at smaller tech companies planned to fill over 75 percent of [...]

How to Have a Better IT Recruiting Team

We hear it every day. We hear it from software developers, project managers and infrastructure people. Most IT people do not like IT recruiters. They view them as a necessary evil. There are some common reasons why we hear it: Most IT recruiters are just looking for a few key phrases in your resume. Many IT recruiters have no clue about how the technology works. For example, they get that a lot of .NET developers have Angular on their resume, but they have no idea how the two fit together. Several IT staffing companies hire very inexperienced people as [...]

These 5 IT Hires Can Cost You an Extra Million

We all know the cost of a bad hire can be high. When you have been on enough software development teams, you have seen the good and the bad. When you start seeing, and recognizing, the good that can turn bad – that is when you know you are experienced. There are 5 types of IT individuals we have seen show up in different organizations. They can appear to be knowledgeable and productive, but they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Having one of these can cost your organization huge dollars. When one adds up the person’s time, the [...]

Why your IT job description is wrong. One question to fix it.

Odds are your job description for your IT position is not as good as is can be. Don’t worry too much, you are not alone. Most job descriptions are listings of skills needed, some background experience and desired education. Granted these are all relevant things. You do not want to hire a C# programmer for a Java position. The critical missing thing in most job descriptions is the answer to one question: What is the background of your best people? We had a recent client who writes security software. They were looking to expand their software implementation staff. These people [...]

How to Keep and Attract the Top Tech Talent

There is a growing demand for people with IT and technical skills. Companies need to plan ways to keep and attract the best technical talent. One doesn’t have to be the most informed person in the world to realize the following: Demand for Tech talent will continue to rise The cost of Tech talent will rise accordingly There are numerous studies of CIOs citing their concerns over attracting and retaining tech talent Jobs for software developers alone could increase up to 17% over the next 10 years Big Data and Security talent are expected to grow as fast, if not [...]