Why do IT and Tech People Cost So Much? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why do IT and Tech People Cost So Much? IT salaries are increasing. Many managers wonder why IT and tech people cost so much. New Technologies Leads to Increased Demand for Tech Skills  Leads to More expensive .NET developers (or UX programmers or Java Programmers…) Read More: Top 5 IT Cyber Security Certifications with the Greatest ROI >> Read More: How Employers Plan to Deal With the IT Skills Gap? >> Read More: Why Do IT and Tech People Cost So Much? >> Read More: 5 questions to Identity a Software Team Player >> Read More: Your IT Job Description [...]

IT and Tech Skills Are Getting More Specialized

The contemporary world is all about technology, and technology is evolving with each passing day. So much so, it has become difficult for IT managers to keep up with every change. This fast change in technology has affected both the nature of IT jobs and the expectations of CIOs and CTOs of IT companies from tech talent. It’s true that the demand for tech talent is increasing and will continue to increase in the days to come, but the employment criteria for IT and tech talent has changed with time because tech skills are getting more and more specialized. [...]

Why Do IT and Tech People Cost So Much?

The number of companies looking for qualified and competent tech talent across the country is increasing with time. Most of the SMBs and software companies get a shock when they finally shortlist candidates for the job and ask the candidates to quote their salaries. Yes, it’s true. IT and tech talent is super-expensive and will continue to be that way in the years to come as well. Bigger organizations and larger IT groups have grown accustomed to the monetary demands put forward by the IT and tech talent these days. They’re big, they can afford the costly tech talent, [...]

5 Problems That IoT has to Solve (and will)

We have been talking about the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the world for a long time, but amidst all the hype and the excitement, many of us failed to recognize the implications that will come along with this unprecedented technology. IoT has indeed created a wave of excitement all across the globe, because of all that it promises in the future, however, we cannot factor out the presence of the implications that may pose a threat to the widespread use of IoT. Here we mention 5 of the implications that come across as hindrances to [...]

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting The IT Candidates You Want [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: 5 Reasons You’re Not Getting The IT Candidates You Want Vague Job Description Don't cut and paste an old jod description. Take the time to update the skills and tasks. You Fail To Sell Them On Your Employer Brand What is the culture like? What are the core values? What attracts people to your company? Unclear Career Path No one wants to be doign the same thing for the next 10 years. What can they look forward to? Application or Hiring Process Is Too Lengthy or Too Slow If you cannot make an offer in 15 business days, [...]